Loving you|Folly

via Daily Prompt: Folly

You left me broke, not in the kind of monetary terms that the world would mention it in. But by not providing a solace to my heart. Weren’t you the only one with whom my little heart connected or was it another sham game of yours? Throughout the time we mingled in our very own little niggles and laughs that also kept us a good company. When we made the decisions it was always us that came in front of you or me. But when it has come to me making this individualistic self-standing decision after you left, where do I start off from?

Without you, there is nothing that I have ever done; lying in your love and pleasing your petty pleasures I came along to experience what love was. Creating this void, you left to make me lame and crippled. Did we not promise to live a life filled with sacrifices for each other, or was that another word that you had nonchalantly promised. Should I trust you anymore? My heart has hope but my head says no.


And that is the most displeasing feeling of all. It’s a certainly false hope that you might still keep me in your thoughts. Isn’t love great enough to look over the meaning of mere words? Hearts are now broken, promises are trashed and feelings subdued.

With my heart lying in anguish, I crop up a little smile on my face and re think about the life I have lived before I met you. There was an already streamed process that I was living in before you entered and sent that process haywire.

As I rant about all of it, I defiantly agree, it wasn’t my folly.


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