via Daily Prompt: Flee

You may destroy all of the widgets with my stamp, or try to crush my image in your mind, but as long as you –

Talk to the empty chair

Cook the dishes to taste your pallet

Cover your blanket all by yourself

Wake up to kiss the ice cold air


Drive to work all by self

See your phone without my calls

Open your door with your key

Stare at the dumb ceiling fan


Strain your lovely eyes and not find my presence

Croon your ears to listen to my voice and find nothing

Raise your hand and not find my palm to place it

Feel your tiring legs and not find anyone to massage


It is then you’ll realize –


Choosing the head over the heart

Made you lame and distraught

It is me inside and outside

Into heaven we shall glide


Me for you and you for me

There is nowhere on earth you can flee




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