Her homecoming…

​Stroking of the pistons gradually reduced, there was no need for any more of acceleration. The penultimate cloud of smoke gushed out of the chimney and released itself into the morning air as the first rays of sun gave it a slight tinge of saffron. The cranks along with the connecting rods which were harmoniously coinciding in a circular movement slowly started to reduce the pace. The power-full headlight in the front illuminated a few meters resembling an oncoming miniature ball of fire. The driver pulled that lever which produced a heart-warming sound as it attracted the attention of all present there. Majestically the locomotive made its way on to the platform as the station master pulled out a timepiece and recorded. It was homecoming for many.  

As the engine approached where he stood, he felt every vibration it produced. The beating of his heart was in sync with the strokes of the piston, it was faster.  Had he prepared enough for this moment, he wasn’t sure. For sure, the thought of her homecoming deprived him of a night’s sleep. But was that enough? His thoughts were fixed on her frame and his heart to hers. Every word that she spoke to him stayed crystal clear in his head.

The noise level in the compartment slowly started to rise which woke her from her slumber. The lights in the cabin were being switched on as the sound of the ticking switches drew her into the reality. As the co passengers brushed aside their sheets and woke each other up, she glanced through the window to find that her destination had arrived. She felt a gentle tug as the engine came to a halt. 

Dumping all her belongings into her luggage bag, she had wasted no time in making herself to look as pretty as possible. She knew he was waiting outside.
Rushing to the door and making most of the little time she had, she jumped off the train on to the platform. He stood there. Walking in silence as the eyes spoke they drew themselves into a warm embrace where their hearts spoke. He for her and she for him, they stared at each other for eternity.

The guard blew a whistle as the green signal was given. The driver stared as the couple walked away hand in hand. A smile broke on his lips, a job done perfectly.


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