When autumn comes, can spring be far behind?

He pulled out the hair strand, the mute listener of emotional outpourings rather, his only solace. It was long and soft, as he rubbed it on his cheeks, it drew him back to being buried in between her strands of hair. She would always do this to make him forget everything else. Her hair would flow onto his cheeks and drop onto the shoulders. The tip of their foreheads touched and they would look eye to eye, the vision was blurred but their hearts were together. Holding it from both the ends, he stretched it across the length and breadth of his now shrunken face, a part of his soul awakened.

Allée d'automne

The path they had always taken now wore a brazen look. With trees on either side this avenue stared at him as he walked solely with his heart taking the brunt of her parting. The trees shook their leaves to give him a breather but it was the air of melancholy that surrounded him. The path was laden with fallen leaves. The autumn was harsh on both him and the trees. The dry leaves hustled just in the way she would shift after an engrossing conversation.


A slight tap on the shoulder, another leaf had succumbed to the weather. As it was slipping down his sleeve he grabbed on to it. It was a maple, she would have loved to keep in her diary by the date. It had a thick yellow petiole as it branched out into thinner veins. The different blades were in perfect symmetry, as if mirrored manually. The shade of crimson on the leaf took him back to her soft lips. The pattern of both these colors was truly artistic. Did the tree mock at him or was it just coincidence? Anyways, he held onto this satirical gift. He buried his head in his palms and sat by the side as his emotions took control of his senses.

“Can I help you” said a voice. He looked up in amazement as he saw a girl lending her hand. Her tone of skin resembled that of his lost partner while her voice was a lot shriller. Her eyes were brown and nose straight. Staring at her outstretched hand he raised his to touch her fingers. Looking into her eyes he thanked the stranger for her compassionate act, as she helped him up. Giving him a bear hug she repeated, “Can I help you”?

The Maple from above looked at both of them walking away and exhaled “Finally the right choice”. When autumn comes, can spring be far behind? It wondered as he rested his head on her shoulders.


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  1. I loved your blog. Happy to connect ❤️ do check out my writings too, will appreciate your views 💕


    1. Vijay says:

      Thanks. will check out 🙂

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