Into paradise they walked…

Latching the door and making his way out of the cottage, he looked up into the openness. A star studded sky sans the moon looked down upon him. Light from the distant stars seemed to provide him their warmth. Turning the ignition on of his vehicle, he stared at the checklist and made sure he had all of it mentioned there. Clutch, accelerator, shift in gear and the engine began to stroke forward. He liked it when it came out perfectly, yes now it had.  The roads were smooth and empty, none to disturb at 5 in the morning. He floored the accelerator looking at his wrist watch, he didn’t want to be late.

Ignition off and hand brake engaged he picked up his rucksack making his way to the entrance. The beauty of this North facing beach was that you could witness both the sunrise and the sunset. It was a calm morning with cool breeze wafting above the sea. The pitch dark surroundings only made it more pleasing for his mind. He slowly made his way through the sand, wait a second, he removed his footwear and felt the sand under his feet. She always liked it that way, walk barefoot and feel the earth.

As he made his way through the sand towards their spot, at far right the sun began to slowly peek a look at those awake during the wee hours. Quickly he went and took his spot. 

The ball of fire started to illuminate the earth with its rays as a familiar scene started to play in his mind. As she started to feel the warmth of the rays on her cheeks, he would point at her overcoat and remove it. Both of them would stare at the red ball rising out of the water, it didn’t last long only a couple of minutes, but those minutes of silence would set the tone for their day. Enveloping her in an embrace, and resting his chin on her shoulder they would observe the streaks of orange fill into the sky. The way it took form encompassing east to the west and acting like a false ceiling to the earth was exhilarating. Lying on their backs and bathing in the sun, they would do a count of number of birds displaying various aero formations. The arrow was her favorite, while she would count the number of birds at the head, he would do in the rest. But today he found only the head of the arrow flying without the tail. “My part is easily done” – he whispered to himself as a non-existent voice said “10 at the head”.  At this moment she would have placed her head on his chest and played with his fingers sleeping perpendicular to him. He raised his hands and expecting it to be held by smooth and soft fingers but all he found was grains of sand. 


The blue was soothing and relaxing for the eyes, a big mass of stratocumulus in the sky resembled her lovely round face and distant cirrus acted like her hair while in the wind. “Look into my eyes” – it said. As he peered and could almost hear, “come along”. Another session of false promise? – He wondered. Hand in hand, they would always walk into the sea until it was waist deep and lie in each other’s arms until they had their satisfaction. They would watch the endless sea and talk about their proposed cruise along the sea. 

Standing on his feet wearing her favorite dress, he took little steps to the water. Two pairs had become one now. The water was cool as usual, his eyes were moist. His tongue was salty; did he taste his tears or gulp down some sea water?

She was dressed beautifully as he looked into her eyes, he found back his lost smile. His heart came back running into life as he walked towards her. She approached and welcomed him with a loving embrace. “What took you so long” – she asked. He was silent as he had no words to express his contentment.

Hand in hand they walked into the paradise.   



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