Anticipating your return!

​Both the arms of the clock made a perfect vertical show. The evening was a pleasant one, soft noise from the traffic made its way through the walls. The setting sun sprayed its rays through the windows of the house as different hues of orange and pink spread through the sky. Fifteenth floor was a definitely a lovely place to stay, the view of the setting sun from there was just magnificent. Every evening the whole family watched the transfusion of darkness into the brightly lit sky. It was the most relaxing time of the day, even though a few minutes, it gave a sense of peace to the mind. 

The rays of the sun kissed his cheeks as Raghu woke up with a startle. He stared at sky through the windows, something was not right today. He felt a sense of emptiness within himself. He called out to his mother as she came running. Speaking to her would make him happy, he probably thought. But it did not. He explained that he felt something missing, she didn’t seem to understand. He voiced himself word by word as to how he felt in the clearest fashion, but she got him something to eat. He tasted the food but that did not satiate him. Perplexed as to how his mother couldn’t understand him, Raghu gave another try, this time she drew all the shades down and made the room comfortable for him to go back to sleep. 

He stared into her eyes and explained what he wanted to do, and even then when she did not respond the way he wanted, he found tears rolling down his eyes. Wasn’t this the time he heard the elevator music as it opened and closed? This was the time when he should have heard sounds of footsteps towards the door, door clicking open and a soft smooch. Did he miss all of this today or did his ears betray him? He put his little finger into his ear to check as his mother swiftly put back his hands by the side. He shook his hand and legs in swift motion and explained to his mother that something was not right as his mother stood perplexed looking at him. She then put a piece of plastic under his arm which beeped after about a minute. She looked at it and went away murmuring “the temperature is also normal”. 

With tears flowing down his cheeks and tired of explaining, Raghu went back to sleep. Priya, his mother checked on him and thanked her stars that he was asleep. She could concentrate on her work now. 

About an hour later as the sun made its way down below the horizon, Raghu opened his eyes. He felt a sense of calm, there was a smile on his face. Did his mood change, yes. He felt being approached by someone whom he longed for. He waited for this moment every day. That happiness in the heart made him playfully swirl his arms. He fixed his gaze on the door counting every second. “This moment” he said to himself. Standing by his side, Priya wondered what the reason behind his smile. 

As she drifted her thoughts and glanced at the clock, the elevator music played as little Raghu hummed the tune. Footsteps were heard as Raghu moved his feet in quick motion laughing gleefully. The doorbell rang and Priya exclaimed “finally he is here” and went to get the door as there was the sound of a light smooch. 

Raghu waited for what would happen next. Priya and Rishi came to him and Rishi lifted him into the air and said “sorry baby, was late today”. Raghu then slowly swept his hand over his dad’s face staring into his eyes. That happiness in his heart made him gleefully shake his hands and feet in the air. His dad then put him to his chest as Raghu’s tiny hands went around his neck, resting his head on the broad shoulders.

Looking at his mother from there, his eyes signaled the satiation of his heart as there was no bit of crying now.

“He was waiting for you for more than an hour, crying all the while” Priya said as Rishi kissed his year old son who was fast asleep now.         


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