​Cock-a-doodle-doo crowed the rooster as it fluttered its wings taking a leap to the nearby haystack. The clock ticked its way to being a perfect vertical bar. Apart from the natural wake-up call from the rooster, the inmates had set an artificial alarm that rang aloud. The tone of the alarm resembled clanking metals with a peculiar siren in the background. The head of the house made sure that this piece of ear piercing music woke up everyone, even from the deepest slumber. The lady of the house gave a soft slap on her husband’s thigh as she folded the blanket and placed it at the rear end of the bed with a thud. His soft snoring came to a halt as she gave him a gentle smooch.

A mother sparrow chirped as the first rays of the sun gently warmed her body. As the breeze rustled the leaves that were fallen below, she swooped into the nearby house in search for grains to feed her little kids. After swiveling around the kitchen she scooped inside picked a few grains from a tiny bowl and made her way back to the nest. Feeding the grains one by one, she observed that the chicks gulped down the food with satisfaction. The couple of the house watched the above scene as they slurped their coffee while chattering about how the previous day had gone by. 

Near the rear end of the house a little cat tip toed to the kitchen in search of food. Taking a deep breath it located the bowl of milk on the kitchen slab. Without making even the slightest of sound, it jumped on to the granite landing with a soft thud. Placing its face into the bowl it started to gulp down the contents, relishing every drop of it. Lost in the joy of the taste on its tongue, it did not notice its hind legs sending a plate crashing down to the ground. The lady left her cup and came running in with her anklets jingling with her pace. The cat then leaped to ground and took to pace purring away after sensing danger.   

After days of thundering and raining, the clouds made way for the sun to shine with all its effulgence. The warmth provided by its rays was unmatchable, as if crackling up a dead engine, all life force felt the vital warmth and sprung to unmatched efficiency. The couple went to their terrace to bask in the rays, they clapped and jumped to tinker with themselves and throw their laziness away. Cracking their knuckles they stared at the rising sun in the distant horizon.

Their home, a gift of inheritance was their most prized possession. It lay in the lap of nature by the side of hill. You could experience all seasons with merriment, be it rumbling of the clouds in the monsoon or soothing chirping of birds in the spring. Less than about a kilometer away, water gushed down the hills creating a perennial stream. Often, they were lost staring at the stream engulfed in the splashing sound as the water hit the rocks. The road winding up the hill up to the palatial house adorned the greenish ambience with a contrasting grey lining. This bungalow was virtually cut off from the cranking honks of the mundane monotonous traffic of the concrete jungle. Surrounded by lustrous green hills in every direction, this plateau of peace was definitely a soothing cynosure.

Rising high above the hills that shadowed the valley, the sun spread all its warmth over the whole enclosure. The light reached the ground through the trees and bushes. As if like a new beginning slowly all the living beings made their way out of their homes to feel the warmth. The sensuous warmth of the dancing rays on their skin provided a whole new life to each of them. The hibernation period was over; time had come to work hard until the sun was hidden again for a few months.

This whole enclosure was brought back to life with the heralding of the eternal life giving, the sun. The monkeys chattered swinging themselves from tree to tree, little deer ran down the slopes with enthusiasm, the snakes slithered out of their holes hissing as they basked themselves in the warmth of the sun, little fish popped up and splashed into the stream playing with gait.

This magnificent livelihood was brought back to square one as the eternal rays of the splendid sun danced on every leaf of the green carpet.


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