Brandishing his sword, he looked at the engraving on the hilt. This was ancestral, proved to be the harbinger of success in any duel. Eager to set his sword in action, he armored up with speed. The helmet was a gift from his beloved. Adjusting his footwear, he checked the dagger by the side of the ankle hidden in the long leather boots he wore that protected his shin too. Under the waist was a tunic made of alligator skin, very tough to pierce. This bore the brunt of most of the blows if struck below the navel. Covering the chest was an armor made of an alloy. Unbreakable in strength, this piece had been with him through all his battles. 

The arena was set with thousands gathered to witness this duel. It was a stadium. With fine mud spread all over the enclosure, these gladiators did not have the option to exit, once in the circular court. 

The gong had struck signaling the  commencement of the battle. The crowd waited in anticipation as both of them ran into the center with shields upright and sword drawn straight out. Running towards each other and clashing their shields with all of their might, they engaged in duel. Every blow that his opponent gave landed either on the shield or was blocked by the sword. He had studied his every move. He was a few steps ahead of his opponent in every way. 

The surface of the arena was spread with fine sand which made it difficult to have balance. As his opponent jumped in the air to deliver him a blow on the head, he drew his shield in a split second and placed it in an angle just above his head. He bent his knees slightly to gain balance and was ready to receive the blow. As he jumped onto him with force greater than expected, he lost his balance and was flat on the ground with his shield still held in the same position. It was more powerful than he expected. He had to do something about this. He started to think of a plan and regained to the same stance as his opponent geared up for the second blow. 

This time with much more confidence and looking right into what position his opponent was, he altered the plan. He was mid air and both hands clutching the sword getting it from behind the head, knees and arms were slightly bent to give maximum impact on the target. 

Fraction of a second before the sword was about to hit his shield, he jumped to his left rolling onto the mud watching his opponent crash to the ground face first. His helmet came loose and fell out. He had to capitalize on this opportunity. He was a feet away. Before the opponent could regain to his feet, he took a leap into the air. Placing his feet on the knee of the opponent, he rocketed himself into the sky and threw away his sword and shield. He made a reach to his ankle mid air and pulled out the dagger. By now his opponent was standing, placing both the hands to the base of the dagger he brought it down with force into his head and pushed it further inside until he felt the skull with the base of his hand. The force brought them both down to the ground as his knees broke a few of his opponents ribs. Removing the dagger filled with blood and parts of the brain, he stuffed it into his chest and ensured that the opponent’s heart came to an abrupt halt. 

Wiping the spurted blood from his face, he looked at his beloved on the distant dias, “never mess with my love” he shouted into the ears of the already dead man. 

As the crowd erupted in joy to celebrate the victory he walked away from the arena with a constant gaze on her. 

Finally there was a smile on her face. 


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  1. John says:

    Hello, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one and i
    was just wondering if you get a lot of spam comments?
    If so how do you prevent it, any plugin or anything you can recommend?
    I get so much lately it’s driving me insane so any support is very much appreciated.


    1. Vijay says:

      Hello John,
      Ya, occasionally, Just spam them.


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