Silence enveloped the cottage. The only object in motion was the automated clock ticking away second after second. Every hour she turned to the clock to watch it move only by a few minutes. A sudden stroke of thunder revived her empty heart. The beating of the heart now resembled the pace with which rain lashed over their roof. It had not been long that he had been gone, but she felt that pain. 

It seemed to be like living in midst of desert without any life around. She needed him desperately to satiate that little fragile fist size piece inside the chest. She tried to visualize his arrival, made no difference. Lamenting on the cause for his sudden disappearance, she hoped that he was fine as the rain was getting heavier. It was just moments ago that he stood right there, a quick look into her kitchen and to find him missing on return was too hard to take. She searched the single roomed cottage a million times, but all she could find was the note “will be back”. Couldn’t he have informed where to, she wondered. 

A sudden knock on the door sent her heart racing with happiness, running towards it she unlatched the door expectantly only to find nothing but darkness for quite a distance. He might be playing around she thought and did a quick round around the cottage to find none there. Was it her hallucination, she pinched herself. The eyes were in the verge of engulfing into a flow of tears and then she found a branch near the staircase. The heavy rain along with the gusty wind must have broken the branch from the tree above. 

Cursing herself she looked at the branch, now drenched in rain she made her way into the cottage. Latching the door reluctantly she leaned back to door as her eyes gave way. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she made her way to the empty bed. Rolling herself in his shirt she tried to feel the warmth, but still he wasn’t there. She tried to recreate all the scenes that stood for their togetherness, and her body craved for him even more. Lying on her back, she stared into the empty ceiling. 

The knock on the door brought her back into reality. Had he returned? She had no idea how much time sleep had overcome her emotions. Hoping that it wouldn’t be another prank from the nature, she rushed to the door. This time she was sure it was him. Her heartbeat started to rise as she was nearing the door. She clutched his shirt that she was wearing just in case. Mixed with emotions, anger for disappearing suddenly and desperate to hold him to her chest, she raised in her toes to reach the top of the door. As she held the latch she could smell him through the wood. Flinging the door open she threw her arms around him and burying her head in his chest she softly exclaimed “finally”. 

Holding her favorite piece of jewelry and looking at the clock he gave a gentle kiss on her lips and said Happy birthday dear!  He had made it on time. 


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