Keep me with you… 

​Should I be… 

That bunch of flowers in the vase which occupies your attention for a couple of minutes or those eyes that  aid in making your night and day. 

The beverage which kisses your lips every day  flowing inside to soothe your tongue or those lips that give way to words so precious. 

That piece of music which gives you complete relaxation and peace of mind or those ears which provide you inroads to the sense of sound. 

The gentle breeze that moves through your hair or those silky strands that adds a perfect outline to your enchanting face. 

Those lifeless devices that you lay your fingers on for most part of the day or that pair of hands which signifies your blissful touch. 

The gentle rays of the rising sun that dances on your cheeks or that face which brings to halt rushing crowds. 

That speck of dust that can settle anywhere on your skin or those minute cells that gives that tone to your body. 

That piece of wear that is constantly under your sole clinging on to your toes or those feet that provide you with stability. 

The fabric that is forever in touch with you or that skin which envelopes a beautiful soul. 

Whatever and wherever I maybe, keep me in your heart forever cause none can love you deeper. Pure and unsullied. 


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