The incomplete circle

​Visualizing her frame as always, he waited with baited breath. Choosing the seat opposite the entrance always gave him the advantage, he had the leisure to fix his gaze on her. Checked the time, five minutes early as always. The place had started to buzz with activity with the inflow of contempt lovers leaving the world outside the door. Yet, it maintained the serenity, comfortable enough for two hearts to communicate. 

The automatic rise in his heart beat sent signals all across his frame, he knew she had arrived. Fixing his gaze onto the entrance, he waited patiently. The sight of her, swept away all his tiredness, the rest of the night was to be lived. Like a fresh sunflower at the start of the day, he fixed himself at her, vowed not to leave. She was his sun. His eyes could see nothing but her charming face, he heard nothing but her breath, time stood still as she made her way towards him. 

She wore a blue skirt complementing her body color. Her silver jewelry were a perfect match to the outfit. The earrings stopped midway to the shoulder. A deep blue diamond on a platinum chain adorned her neck. Straightened hair covered her shoulder blade. The eyeliner made her flowery eyes even more captivating. A little blush of pink on the cheeks and rose red lipstick. She looked adorable. 

The sun has begun to set as darkness enveloped. The pleasant lighting of the restaurant set the mood for a cozy dinner. Beyond the window was a wide range of greenery with the moon rising at a distance. Hidden between the clouds, only the amber streaks made through. Both of them observed and wished that their eternal companion made his way out of the black mass. 

Starting from her hair he scanned through her face, a tiny drop in her eye made him pause. They had virtually practiced this more than a dozen of times, but to contain the emotion was just not possible. Holding her hands on his, he assured her that all would be fine. 

As her tears made way to her chin, he could see a reflection of him in them. Memories flashed across as he wiped out her wet cheeks. Was this a decent finish or an opportunity for a new beginning he wondered. Moving across the table, he sat next to her with her head on his chest. His world was now in his arms a moment to cherish indeed, but it would end up only as a memory. His heart bled her name and his soul gripped her frame. 

Silence became the most comfortable language that evening. The waiter bought their usual order. What difference would a plate of edible items do when the starvation of love was about to begin? Fixing his eyes on her hands, he slipped his fingers through her arms onto hers removing that piece of silverware which signified their togetherness. It had come a long way only to be halted by destiny. Gold would have been a better choice, he murmured. 

Leaving her heart with him, she bid him farewell with a kiss on his forehead. She promised her presence as long as his heartbeat echoed her name. Unable to contain the loss, he hurled the insignia of their togetherness into the sky. The emotions gave it further speed to travel the extra distance. 

Through his teary eyes he now could see the dark blue sky that shone with moonlight. To catch the last glimpse she turned around to see him, he was lost looking at their eternal witness. The moon was stuck in the night sky shining with the borrowed rays from the sun perfectly cut along it’s diameter, as if someone had deliberately stolen the other half. 


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