Motionless they sat, perfectly reading what’s going on in the mind of the other. This secluded bench had become synonymous with their names. The leaves that usually fall around them, for a reason found a gap in between. Even the wind couldn’t push them aside. That little gap for the bodies, nautical miles for the hearts. 

They shook their legs in synchrony, but with their hands apart. Flashing around was every place that was stamped with their togetherness. The world beckoned, the heart didn’t. 

As their silence reached an awkward peak, he began to explain. He gave his best. Affection, anger, lust, passion, pride, humility, anxiety and compassion all of which transformed into love just to get hold of her, like how the tentacles do for an octopus. Was it too late? 

He watched as she released herself from him, and boarded the boat with a different captain. Thankfully his tears hid the captain’s identity. 

Should the sea be rough? He thought to himself. 

As the vessel smoothly drifted into the horizon, he picked up her hair. Probably a talisman. 


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