Another Evening

Peering through the tender leaves and the widespread branches of the towering Neem, the evening rays of the sun gently kissed the earth as if it was longing for this moment. The orange hue it had created in the sky and across the sea, was a mere show of calmness from within, now it blended so perfectly with the earth, creating a slightly darker reflection of the sky. As a dog rose from its pre-evening nap disturbed by the chirping of a probably hungry fledgling waiting for its mother to return with food, a puff of dust rose into the air highlighting the rays that came through the leaves in a columnar fashion. The respite provided by the Neem was so satisfying, it looked up into the leaves and cursed the baby for bringing it back to the reality, either the dream was so good or the slumber was peaceful, maybe both.

Hovering millions of miles above the human existence and providing them with the vital force, it lay stuck in the sky, never blinked even for a fraction of a second. If there is anything more constant than the heartbeat, it would be this belligerent ball of vicious gasses hungry enough to ravage through virtually everything in obstruction to its path. It is for a reason that it distanced itself from the ultimate evolution of the biological process. The heart does stop, but the sun never misses the opportunity to send a part of itself all the way down there to fulfil that feeling of satisfaction. A personal touch would be impossible, hence the proxies would return with tales that only it would dream to be in, always woken up to its harsh reality. Forbearance had to be a synonym to this colorful visual crescendo, always abused in summer and longed for in winter the average human had a free tongue which suited his mood.


The existence of this Constantine can be dated back to even before the occurrences of the evolution, that forced the single cellular organism to become multi cellular, even before what we call as “the nature” now that had come into being, and long before hot molten mass of some distant break-away star got attracted into its gravitational pull and willed to stay there forever. Held in the arms and as if playing a run around me game, maintaining the perfect distance and speed, this eternal romance between the earth and the sun is a spectacle to behold. A small disruption in this romantic game would let inertia play a huge toll devouring all the beauty from it. And its blue baby was watched upon from then on, an attraction to the celestial members, a jewel in the system. This beauty has never stopped mesmerizing all its admirers, not only because of where it was, but also because of whom it had.

This little rolling ball of water, still a child waiting to be fondled by its on-lookers had pleased all by its implicit obedience. Turned around itself in time, ran around the sun with impeccable accuracy. Tilted its axis just at the right time as it was advised, no questions asked. As it was showered praises for its dutifulness, it looked at its beloved for constant support.

This was the most perfect time of the day, with its rays stroking the sky with different patterns and colors, the visibly white clouds just acted as a reflection to the beauty. And in some cases were even part of the large canvass that portrayed the love for its beloved. The climate was serene but the air filled with impatience. After a long day of tiresome labor and bursting the brain cells, the common man was waiting to get back to his sweet home where he would be greeted by his better half, a kiss at the door and a reassuring hug of eternal love. He checked his wrist regularly and did not know whom to blame as the hands of the watch were speeding, was he late to meet his beloved this evening also? He knew she would be waiting. He honked as hard as he could, he wished that he had taken the diversion two blocks behind, the snarls of the snail paced traffic was keeping his temple running with sweat. How he wished that his vehicle had those flying flaps. Flying cars were promised by the big heads, but it was only a distant dream, actually not even sure if his kids would reap the benefit of the proposed prototypes. Could he run on top of all the stranded vehicles? He was no superhero. A loud noise from the front brought him back to senses, apparently a motorist had brushed his vehicle against a car wanting to veer through little gap there. The argument was becoming heated. All he could do is blame his fate and thump his fist on the steering and his thigh.

She had heated the beverage and was all set to receive him, strolling up and down in the courtyard with her eyes constantly fixed at the end of the lane where she could see him arrive. He would honk as he neared their abode. She replayed all those scenes where as he got down from the car, she would run to him and he would take her in his arms. She just wished he was there at that moment.

Avoiding a huge boulder on the road the driver of the school bus wondered how it landed up there, “these villager” he muttered. It was the last trip for him, a duty most difficult, taking back a bunch of over enthusiastic kids to their homes. They laughed and danced, sang and shouted as another day of routine drilling had culminated and homeward they were heading. A kid had spilt water on his dress and was made a laughing stock of. Another hefty one was pleading for food as his stomach was on fire. A little girl had put her hand in between the two windows and while she tried to remove it, in the process she had hurt herself and was crying inconsolably. The caretaker of the children was making sure that all the kids were on board and was trying to calm them down, that was his duty. Through this level of pandemonium, the driver exalted as he reached the township. Half the bus would be devoid of these little monsters, but no respite to the decibel levels. It was only within 2 kilometers that this trip would end, he couldn’t wait more. Revving up the engine as the kids got down the bus, his thoughts were constantly fixed on the night that lay ahead, he planned to take his wife to the local bazaar and spend some quality time with her. He also practiced how to please her with anything that she asked for.


His tiny feet almost tripped on the steps, the little boy with a sling in one hand ran up to his mother impatiently waiting for him. She brought him close to her, kissed him on his forehead and opened the lunch box in his other hand to see if he had finished all of the food. She took his bag, picked him up and carried him on her hip. Enquiring what all he had learnt at school she was surprised not to hear any response. Looking into his eyes she could see that happiness of getting back home there, she did not care for what he learnt as long as he was in front of her. Meanwhile another girl was complaining how the teacher had made her stand on the bench for no fault of hers and the whole class laughed. As these bunch of kids set their foot in, the township buzzed with life. They walked jabbering constantly to their respective homes. The boys had agreed to play a game of cricket later in the evening while the girls were gathering to discuss the latest fashion trends. Their return had beaming smiles on the face of all the elderly, reminded them of their childhood.

The knife had sliced the onion more than a few pieces in a second. Looking if the amount was sufficient for the day, he opened a fresh pack of bowls to keep it ready for the on-flow of customers looking to reactivate their taste buds. He had being doing this for about four years now, there was no weekly off like the corporates. Practice makes man perfect they said and he was a perfect example of it. The expertise he had picked up in doing his job had sent the competitors packing. In the locality his name was synonymous with his job. The best part of his day had come, he watched as she along with few of her companions had gathered on the opposite side to cross the road. This evening she was looking all the more beautiful, she wore a wonderful cream colored flower printed top and a maroon bottom. She had rolled her hair up probably to avoid sweating on the back of her neck. Her earrings complimented her face, just perfect fit. She was in the centre their group, a motorist almost rammed into them as they shirked. His grip grew stronger and he wanted to push the knife down the throat of that ill-behaved motorist. As usual the purse was in her right hand, looking at it he wondered what the initial S stood for.

What could be her name? Within a few moments she was there in front of him. He knew what the usual order was, but just as an opportunity to speak to her, he confirmed what she wanted as he had already made it ready. Handing over the plastic bowls to them he got the golguppas ready. In one swift motion he took the puri, stuffed the channa, dunked it into the pudina water and placed it into her bowl. Looking at the oversized one, she picked it up opened her mouth extra wide and put the whole in one gulp, some hair let loose and came in the way between her hand and her mouth, how he wished he could push it aside. He stared into her eyes and almost said it along with her, it is too spicy. He knew it, yet the first one was purposely made a little spicy. He liked the look on her face. She was one of the reasons that he had stood there all week, the kind of inspiration he wanted in his otherwise monotonous life. He had a long day ahead.

The twilight was unarguably the best time of the day. Music was a special force that drove the overheated brain used during the day into becoming calm and composed. Groups of men sat shuffling cards and popping in peanuts. A small child sped along on his new bicycle before he lost control and rammed into a tree. Ringing the temple bell and with unflinching faith, a devotee prayed for the cure of his dear one. An elderly couple had come out of their house with walking sticks, their big spectacles and almost bald head amused a group of kids playing in the park. A girl was checking her pedometer, she had already been rejected twice because of her oversized figure. This time she was determined to shed some weight after an intense workout routine. Under the sprawling lawns, an instructor was yelling some jokes and members of the laughing club were forcing themselves into the act. There was a fight between a mother and daughter in law which had attracted attention of all the neighbours. Apparently, a cat had drunk off the milk, and the mother in law went into the accusing mode listing out all the mistakes and probable ones, starting from placing the kitchen knife in the wrong place to likely murder with the same knife.

Witnessing all of the above from millions of miles, the life source was just too pleased. The anticipation only grew stronger as the days progressed. This joy of seeing the creation in its best mode was the privilege enjoyed solitarily by this benevolent one.

With the wind as its benefactor and moon as its impelling force the waves rushed onto the shore, taking into its arms all those tiny particles of sand that longed to be at the bed. This moment of twilight saw the most heart-warming scenes, love was filled in the air. Thousands had gathered to witness the spectacle of this beautiful ball of orange being tamed by the calmness of the sea.

Stepping down into the cool waters of the supposedly vast ocean, it enjoyed the sight of how all of the creation gave a direct look, probably the only time they could do so. How they made promises and captured memories at the background as this ball of water tilted away, never ceased to amuse their only witness. It was now time to give life to the slumbering other half.


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